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Permanent Members:

Robert Becker, Professor of Economics
Homepage   becker@indiana.edu

Bogdan Dragnea, Provost Professor of Chemistry
Homepage   dragnea@indiana.edu

Michael Jolly, Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   msjolly@indiana.edu

Nam Quang Le, Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   nqle@indiana.edu

Peter Ortoleva, Professor of Chemistry and of Geology

Peter Sternberg, Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   sternber@indiana.edu

Roger Temam, Director of  ISC, College Professor and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   temam@indiana.edu

Shouhong Wang, Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   showang@indiana.edu

Kevin Zumbrun, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Homepage   kzumbrun@indiana.edu

Emeritus Members:

John Challifour, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and of Physics

Ernest Davidson, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Richard Durisen, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy

Ciprian Foias, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Robert Glassey, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
Homepage   glassey@indiana.edu

David Hoff, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Morton Lowengrub, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Current and Recent Visiting Professors:

Makram Hamouda  ▪  Chang-Yeol Jung

Current and Recent Post-doctoral Fellows:

Andrea Giorgini  ▪  Daozhi Han  ▪  Yifeng Hou  ▪  Phuong Nguyen

PhD Students:

Yining Cao  ▪  Chuck (Changdong) Jia  ▪  Sisi Tang  ▪  Krutika Tawri  ▪  Truong Xuan Vu

Recent Graduates:

Justin Cyr  ▪  Eunhee Park  ▪  Xiaoyan Wang  ▪  Le Zhang


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